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Over the years, business has changed but traditional outsourcing has not kept pace. 


In response, Premier Services was created to provide companies with more flexible and innovative options for their workforce productivity, asset management and operational needs. 


As former customers, our team is well positioned to understand what customers really want - and uniquely qualified to apply our experience, lessons learned and best practices to deliver better, more cost-effective results.


We do this by providing companies with third-party workforce services that are rigorously trained teams and supervised by seasoned managers. These services can be performed on both a non-asset-based (customer-owned facility) or asset-based (Premier-owned facility) arrangement.


In addition to these services, we also advise and assist clients in the development and execution of programs for improving operational processes and productivity.





A lean organization led by a highly experienced team that knows how to get results:


Prior to forming Premier Services, all members of our leadership team were VP-level executives with extensive operational experience in Fortune 50 companies.


The core executive team is certified as Six Sigma "black belts." The team's functional experience includes: transportation, warehouse operations, sourcing, fleet management, manufacturing, and vendor management. We have significant corporate experience in the due diligence, selection, negotiations and management associated with outsourcing and contract services. 


We move with speed and without bureaucracy. Our goal is to ensure total customer access to our team, accountability from our leadership, and visibility into all phases of our operations. Unlike service providers who try to be all things to all people, we have sized our organization to be big enough to serve... but small enough to care.  



Customer Benefits


Our experience and unique operating model offers numerous benefits to customers: 

  • Lower Costs - Using our services in lieu of your internal resources reduces headcount levels, payroll and benefits, and variable operating expenses. Our pricing is consistently more competitive than other firms.

  • Seamless Conversion - We work closely with customers to co-develop a detailed training, startup and implementation plan for customers that will ensure a timely conversion and operational continuity.

  • Productivity Gains - We contractually commit to year-over-year productivity gains to ensure you get the best return on investment in our services.

  • Customer Productivity - Customers are free to focus on their core competencies and the value-added things that really count. We relieve your administrative burden by taking ownership of related payroll, workers' compensation, unemployment claims, W2's, and benefits.

  • Speed to Market - Premier minimizes the risk from and facilitates a rapid response to changes in internal strategy, external market dynamics or changing business conditions. 

  • A Systematic Approach - We have parlayed our experience and Six Sigma experience into a unique and systematic methodology designed to ensure that we deliver customer satisfaction in everything we do. 

  • A high-performance team - To provide you with the best workforce teams possible, we use rigorous hiring standards, intensive training and productivity measurements to monitor and manage performance.

  • Workforce continuity - We are industry leaders in employee retention. This avoids unnecessary costs, lost productivity and operational disruptions.

  • Flexible Metrics - At Premier, we work with our clients upfront to define and develop customer-specific metrics - metrics that provide crystal-clear visibility into what is important and relevant to them. 

  • QCSP - Quality... Cost... Service... Productivity are what tie it all together and are the things to which we pay relentless attention in every service, process and task we perform.

  • Real results - The outcome of these extensive benefits have been an excellent customer retention rate and awards for Quality and "Supplier of the Year" from multiple customers.


Working with You


We value our customer relationships and respect their time. To support this we have implemented a unique organizational structure and operating system designed to make it easy to do business with us:



Before we even do business with you - we make it easy to do business with us. We employ no sales force.  When you work with us, you will work directly with our key decision-makers who are responsible for getting things done.



We use a keep-it-simple, no hassle, and quick turnaround approach to contracts. You will be negotiating directly with our executives rather than a team of behind-the-scenes lawyers and layers of approval levels.



Upon execution of the contract, we will meet with you to develop a detailed startup and implementation plan. This will focus on understanding your requirements and current operations. It includes planning for staffing levels, timetables, mapping of your current processes and desired metrics.


Ongoing Collaboration

A Premier manager will be on site at all customer locations. This manager will serve as your day-to-day liaison. Our home office team is in constant contact with our on-site managers.


We also conduct quarterly business reviews with our customers. In addition, as we see opportunities for saving costs or improving efficiency, we will offer our suggestions and report them to you.


And, of course, we always encourage our customers to feel free to contact our executive team at any time regarding any issue.


Pricing and Billing

All pricing and billing is clearly defined and presented in an easy-to-understand, straightforward manner. Our intent is to clarify, not confuse.


Premier Services At A Glance


12801 Commerce lakes Drive - Suite 17 

Fort Myers, FL 33913




Business Focus:


Third-party provider of services and workforce teams for Manufacturing, Warehousing and Light Assembly.  Also providing advisory services and assistance in development and execution of productivity and process improvement programs.


Type of Company:


Privately held.




Founded and led by core executive team with over eighty (80) years of VP-level experience with Fortune 50 companies in the functional areas of supply chain, manufacturing and operational management.


Core Services:




Providing workforce teams and services for:

  • Distribution Services

  • Reverse Logistics

  • Manufacturing

  • Investment Recovery         

  • Assembly

  • Custom Client Programs

  • Management advisory services and strategic solutions for improving productivity



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